Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTA)

Globally respected and trusted, Adact Medical US provide leading e-cigarette and vaping brands and manufacturers with an end-to-end regulatory compliance solution. We can help you obtain FDA approval to market your products in the US.


Pioneers in our sector

Adact work at the forefront of regulatory compliance to ensure you are always up-to-date.

Guided by science

Adact have an amazing scientific knowledge and believe compliance is more than ticking boxes.

Working independently

Adact are independent and not affiliated with any one supplier, organisation or flavour house.

Affordable excellence

Adact combine high-quality service with affordable prices at every stage of your customer journey.

Welcome to Adact Medical US

Adact supports e-cigarette and vaping businesses and brands from the start of their analytical journey through to support services.

We bring together scientific knowledge and practical experience of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, herbal medicines and supplements sectors into one packaged compliance service.

Compliance around the globe

We work closely with companies and brands of all sizes in the e-cigarette and vaping sectors — and more recently CBD and hemp sectors — to gain regulatory compliance across EMEA, NCSA and AP regions.

Adact in the US in joined by partners in the United Kingdom and Europe and has team members in other locations too, giving us a unique global view.

Helping you to succeed

Compliance strengthens our industry as consumers naturally have a higher level of confidence in proven, tested and approved products.

By ensuring Adact’s valuable customers have access to our affordable analytics and support services we help your business not only to grow but to succeed in a challenging market.

Our most popular services

While Adact provide a complete range of services, here are the most popular services
from Adact and our partner companies

Helping you build your brand into the America market with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) PMTA approval

Scientists providing first class European regulatory compliance services for sales in the EU and UK