End-to-end analytics and support services

Regulatory compliance services to support the e-cigarette, vaping, CBD and hemp industries around the globe.


Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTA)

Helping you build your brand in the America market with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) PMTA approval.

Cost effective, two-part PMTA applications

Cost effective, two-part PMTA applications

Since the launch of PMTA, Adact Medical US have been working hard to deliver a cost effective solution.

Safety data sheets (SDS)

Produced by trained, qualified staff – REACH 2019 compliant safety data sheets help protect human health and the environment

Your international partners

To provide a complete range of regulatory compliance services to you, we share a range of services with our partner, ADACT Medical Ltd, based in the United Kingdom.

ADACT Medical are renowned for their uniquely scientific approach and excellence in customer service and provide the services from their headquarters in England and office in Ireland.

Your international partners

Analytics services

E-liquid TPD testing

Scientists providing first class European regulatory compliance services for sales in the EU and UK.

Accredited cannabinoid testing

Testing for 14 different cannabinoids including THC to provide a broader spectrum of products.

Zero nicotine short fill testing

Assessing zero nicotine short fills meet the General Product Safety Regulations (GPSR) 2005.

Tobacco extracts

Create safe, market leading tobacco flavoured e-liquids with an expert scientific compliance team.

Device testing

Trusted device testing by scientists with expertise in achieving TPD in the UK and PMTA in the US.

Long fill aroma

Testing products to meet the unique regulatory compliance that sets them apart from short fills.

Stability shelf-life testing

Determining the long-term chemical stability of e-liquids using accelerated time testing.

Vitamin E acetate testing

Expert scientists delivering vitamin E acetate analysis that you can trust and rely on.

Support Services

Poison Centres: Health Data

Compiling emergency health data – reporting e-liquid and vaping chemicals to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Labelling & packaging review

Let our regulatory experts take care of your labelling and packaging compliance with our CLP service.

Accreditation Services

Vape Safe – recognisable mark

The trademark for our customers to show their customers they care about their health and safety.